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  1. 1. Widget crashes.

    (Add options as version 709 ↓↓)

    2. Fast forward/backward option using Pro buttons,

    3. Seekbar in list for currently playing music,

    4. Bold font (or any other marking) for currently playing file in list,

    5. Enable/disable option for change (next/previous) track using gesture of album art.

  2. 2 hours ago, Haruki98 said:

    I have a problem with my widgets, when i play music and open my notification bar and i then return to the main screen it stop to work.

    In adittion when I use the visualiation an then disable it the image cover blur just minimize.

    P.d: Thanks for the wonderful update, I know there still things to do but I am so happy with the improve in the design

    Yes, widget stops.

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