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  1. I don't understand that is it a bug or anything else. Today when I open the player for first time, a pop-up appears "Update is available. New build 897." I download the update and strange, it is build 893. Then I check the website, I can't find build 897. Throughout the day I check many times the in-app updater and the website simultaneously, and always get the same result. I am using the uni build 893 version.
  2. I'm using only music player the Poweramp. But I want to test this Equalizer. So, suggest me some apps other than YouTube music which support equalization.
  3. What are the best mp3 tagger softwares for Windows 10 paid or free ?
  4. One of the most awaited features : Play next. Thank you.
  5. I don't know the artwork in notification posted in my previous screenshot ( https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19632-notification-artwork-does-not-update/?do=findComment&comment=88721 ) is exact or not. If it is exact then 'Notification' works well in my device.
  6. I got this update through official OTA. In update settings I opt for "Receive updates early". Update tracker : https://c.mi.com/thread-3126620-1-0.html
  7. As a user of MIUI ROM I share these screenshots, nothing else.
  8. Screenshot : Poweramp Notification & Main Player Screen Poweramp : Build 882 Device : Redmi K20 Pro OS : MIUI 12 (Indian Stable Android : Version 10
  9. I like it, because I have no problem with the smaller menu items, the priority is more features.
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