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  1. Thanks, it's currently in process Wish me good luck, there are so many tracks, and some of them are not well sorted, so I have to do it manually... Japanese games you know
  2. The ultimate thing to do would be to sort each track by their game release, I think I will do it, this would be easier for me, but it will take so much time ^^ Anyway, thanks for your help, appreciated
  3. Yes the track number is in the file metadata. Actually, the songs are ordered by their release date, so that's why this is useful for me.
  4. Hello, I have noticed this "issue" (or not). I have an album (which is a compilation of all songs from a rhythm game) which contains more than 1000 songs. And as you can see on this screenshot: For example, the track named "Cloud 9" is not the 9th track of the album, but the 1179th. I also enabled the option to show the track number next to the title in the album and as you can see, it stops at 998 So I presume in the application code, Max has set the max number of tracks in an album at 1000 (maybe i'm wrong). Could you please look into this "issue", because I don't have this in an other music app (BlackPlayer EX). Thanks in advance and sorry for my English
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