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  1. Hello there,

    I was became very excited to see the new release of Poweramp on Google Play Store, which is the build 792 (although the app itself shows 793). I instantly installed it and was blown away by the UI (with a few crashes, of course).

    I quickly noticed that the audio would not play at all when the output was via speaker, albeit the UI showing it's playing. I remember in the alpha releases of 702-709 that the resampler was the cause of this. Back then clearing data and leaving the resampler settings untouched did the job, but this time it has not.

    I have tried reinstalling (without transferring the settings over) and clearing data, but the problem persists.

    Xiami Redmi Note 4

    Android version 8.1.0

    Lineage OS version 15.1

    Does anyone have any input on this?

    P.S. Thanks to the developer for keeping this project on its feet, I'm astounded.



    It seems it's not a Poweramp issue, as other media sources do not produce sound either. Weird that it spawned after I installed the version, though.

  2. Awesome that you released this! I've installed it, everything looks great, except for the audio itself: the music is mute. I remember having this issue on other builds as well, but it had to do with the settings that were transferred over from the previous version, or with the resampling settings. But this time I have a clean install without anything being transferred, but the music won't play. I see that this page already has five pages of discussion with mixed languages, so I can't say if this has been posted or not. Anyone got any input on this?

  3. On 14/11/2017 at 9:57 AM, ACE7F22 said:

    I first tried Poweramp back in 2010, and bought it before the trial mode ended.  The themes, style, customization, organization, and sound quality, it became a fundamental part of my Android experience.  Every phone or tablet I get, Poweramp is my fist install.  It was great in the beginning, and I'm only impressed, amazed that it continues to evolve, and get better.  I am thankful this great music player continues to get support, and stay relevant as Android and devices themselves get more advanced.

    I loved Poweramp in the beginning, and would still love it now without all the improvements being made since, after all, that's why I purchased it, because it was already great.  Now it's great and then some icing.  Now it's phenomenal, incredible, and I have no problem at all waiting for updates, because I've already gotten far more than I ever expected, and I'm simply glad that development is still moving forward.

    To sum up, thank you for your work, your art, your irreplaceable jem in the Android community, and thank you for your continued effort to keep it going.  Without you, my Android experience would be drastically different.

    Yes, thank you! You are the kind of person I admire with a good length!

  4. Hello,

    First of all, I would like to thank Max for his years of hard work if developing the best music player for Android. I have always been seeking out for new players but I have always come back to Poweramp.


    When I found out about V3 alpha testing, I was instantly amazed.


    Onto the topic,

    I have been checking the planned features for next releases and these three features have left me concerned:

    》Improved Album Art area navigation

    》Improved lists

    》Improved info/tag editing


    What do you exactly mean by these? I would really wish for an explanation, as they sound very interesting.



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