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  1. This is awesome, i like the new interface but there's no sound when i lock the phone (moto g 2nd gen Android 6.0)
  2. chiefwitch

    Poweramp alpha-build-702

    Oh, I didn't have idea about these segments of silence on that files. Some years ago that I don't use any audio editor. I hope this is not getting complicated furthermore. Thanks for your attention
  3. chiefwitch

    Next builds priorities

    I agree with you, I always suffered when I tried fix mislabeled album, doing this file by file is so hard. I don't know if could be possible but would be nice have auto tag functions from databases such Gracenote or Discogs (obviously for several files or whole album)
  4. chiefwitch

    Poweramp alpha-build-702

    This version have an issue with the gapless playback. There is a brief clip between mp3 tracks created by iTunes, but it worked fine with downloaded files. In the 2.0 worked fine in all mp3 files. Sorry for my bad english