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  1. I have purchased both Neutron and Poweramp for my Blackberry Z10, and my Galaxy Tab 3. When I am connected to my home system, and I can plug in to a power source, I often use Neutron. It really drains power from your battery quickly. It sounds great, its pre-amp function is excellent. Interface is good. It does not lag on either Blackberry or Galaxy products. Updates are issued frequently. It fails to show album artwork, it fails to decipher playlists properly, and updates of music files have been manual for me so far. I just revised my playlists last night, the native Blackberry player and Poweramp updated no problem. Neutron required a manual, and still does not show all titles in my playlist. It has yet to locate my dlna NAS server, however I have little need as I keep my music directory synced between my NAS and my portable devices. When connected without power source, I find myself using Poweramp 95% of the time, the native Blackberry music the other time when I am annoyed at the Poweramp lag. I never use Neutron without plugging in, its battery drain is the highest of any app I use and I like to view album artwork as my music plays. Poweramp sounds very good, as does the Blackberry native player, and the interface on Poweramp is excellent. Album artwork, lists etc are updated automatically. Poweramp lags when installed on the Blackberry, but not on my Galaxy Tab3. Uses very little battery power on both devices, Z10 longer than the Tab 3. I also find the forum for Poweramp more responsive. Hope this helps,
  2. You are correct, I reviewed a playlist and realized that I had removed the initial track numbers from the title's file names on many titles a couple of weeks ago. The title files names had not been updated in the MM playlists which are used to export to m3u files. I did a full update in MM which updated the m3u exported playlists for Poweramp. Now they are correct there too. If anyone knows a program that creates playlists and keeps them updated when we make file name changes etc. Please advise. Also, not sure why I didn't have the same results in the native Blackberry player prior to yesterdays update, at least now they all agree. If you have any ideas as to improve the performance of normal functions in Blackberry, that would be perfect? Thanks for your help. cheers, Alan
  3. Yes from what I read here it is good that it works. It took some additional apps to add Poweramp to the Blackberry. The playlist files are in a single music folder with all music files. I also have Poweramp on a Galaxy Tab 3, also sdcard. There it has no delays in functions, but has identical issues with the playlists. So it is likely how Poweramp is identifying the locations within my lists? The actual titles aren't missing from my song list, just the playlists are screwed up where for instance, one should be 125 titles of jazz and blues, it shows 60 titles (still blues and jazz). Thank you for your help, Alan
  4. Really like the program but there are a couple of issues that I believe need addressing. I am using the latest BBY operating system and recent Poweramp 2010-585 full version. 1. Program is very slow to react to normal functions. such as "play, next title, even pause" is slow to react. There are no delays with settings, or selecting lists, just normal music play functions take sometimes almost a minute to execute. 2. Playlists are not accurate. I create my playlists as m3u files from MediaMonkey, stored in the same directory as the titles (sd card). For some reason the more recent builds are missing many titles in Poweramp, some lists as high as 50% missing. The same directory and playlist is used by BBY own Music player, and it has no errors with the lists. Total titles in directory are approx. 2080.
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