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  1. I would also love to see convolver support in Poweramp, since this opens up the use of corrective eq for individual headphones to get a reference frequency response (Viper DDC/IRS), which I think doesn't need to happen on a system level, but only when listening to music. Another suggestion would be to open up a option to reorder different DSPs, for example on devices with sufficient cpu power, having sox resampler resample to 96k before engaging in a convolver, eq and such would be beneficial to quality,
  2. From this info I am extrapolating that the best setup is then Poweramp v3 -> sox 44.1k to 96k -> hi-res 24/96 (pushes aliasing / low pass filter artifacts further up the freq spectrum) -> (Android sound layer, or is this bypassed?) -> Qualcomm DSP delta sigma Since I also have alsa with a good quality resampler (not as elaborate as sox, but better than Sony stock implementation) running in the background to handle non Poweramp audio, if Poweramp hi-res does bypass this layer, I can leave its setting at 48k without fear of going from 44.1 to 96 to 48.
  3. Played with quite a bit of hacks in mixer_paths and audio_policy on the Sony Z3 Tablet Compact (pretty much hardware to Z3), and finally got Hi-res to work. Now the device plays 24bit/44.1khz flacs without going to 48khz system sample rate. DVC is mandatory, and disabling DVC forces Poweramp to fall back to OpenSL ES. audio_policy.conf mixer_paths.xml
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