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  1. Does anyone please have 704/703 version?? Please link me to it. This build is way too buggy Someone help
  2. Beta build 793 play store edition. The one that just got updated on August 9th. The music just keeps skipping every few seconds Not sure why
  3. Thanks for this, didn't realize I was on the 703 build from Google Play. Also, do you know when the app will be released as a stable build?
  4. I bought the RazerPhone and Power Amp is not working , it will play and then force close. Wondering if there is an app that's similar where you can choose the folders that appear
  5. HA! I was about to make a thread about this issue. Am on the latest Alpha and I have a playlist of 700 Songs, and it literally plays the 20 Tupac Songs I have 70% of the time. It's frustrating, very frustrating.
  6. Yes it is. I use a WooAudio WDS DAC and use my Nexus 6P just fine.
  7. From what I've read on HeadFi DVC adds like an EQ that has a bass boost and yes it is louder when enabled.
  8. Well I have the same settings as Kirk but I have DVC enabled as it has more volume which is great. High Res Output is not loud and I hear no difference in quality.
  9. What happens if I just play music through Poweramp without changing the settings? Seems to sound the same tbh :-/ Maybe I'm not a good enough audiophile.......
  10. There is: AudioTrack Output Hi-Res Output (Experimental) OpenSL ES Output Just wondering which one do I have as 'Active' If I am using an external DAC connecter via USB?
  11. I found that using the stable build (588 i think) still works on Android N.... sometimes crashes but it works.
  12. On developer preview 3 which is now stable enough for daily use. But when I open up Poweramp (latest test build) it just force closes, which is a shame since I rely on this app every day. Any notice when it will be supported?
  13. Wow please make that happen, USB Audio Player is not close to looking as good as Poweramp. Would love a plug in
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