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  1. Technically, yes it is. On/off is simply a binary setting, where there's only two possibilities. Same as yes/no, one/zero, etc. So in this case, the options are "stay in queue/don't stay in queue". In other words, "stay in queue" can be turned on, or it can be turned off. :) Not that it really matters - I'm just explaining my thought process as I wrote my original reply.
  2. I have Ignore Shuffle turned off, so it "usually" does shuffle through the queue. However, there has been times where it seems to forget this setting and just starts playing the queue in order. To fix that, I turn the shuffle off and then back on again. I suppose it's possible that the shuffled order, for maybe 3 or 4 songs in a row, just happened to be the same as the queued order. For a playlist of over 200 songs, though, that would be highly unlikely. And still, this setting doesn't fix the fact that it doesn't repeat the queue when it's done. This is how that settings screen looks on mine:
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has successfully solved this, since I'm having the same trouble. I had contacted support, but so far haven't received a definitive answer. I have played around with a variety of settings regarding repeat and shuffle, and no matter what I do, I can't get it to repeat and shuffle the queue. This is functionality that was working perfectly prior to version 3, and is functionality that I use basically every time I use the app (to and from work every day). I would make a playlist on very rare occasions when I know it's something that I'd like to cycle through again, or if I'm just getting it prepared for an upcoming road trip or something, but other than that, I would always just queue a bunch of songs and let it shuffle/repeat that list until I got bored of it and decided to manually change it. Surely I can't be the only one that does things that way. Why would I (or anyone, for that matter) create a new playlist for such a temporary selection of music? Also, I tried going into one of my existing playlists and starting playback from in there, but all that did is queue the 1 song I clicked on, start playing the queue, and when that song is done, it returns to my previous category. In this case, it's mistakenly seeing my previous category as "metal" (i.e. all songs in the Metal genre) rather than "road trip mix" (i.e. all songs in the "road trip mix" playlist from where I started playback). When I long-click on a playlist, there's no option to play that playlist, but there IS an option to queue the entire playlist... in which case we're back to this issue again. What I've had to do recently is when the queue is finished, open the app on my phone, go to the queue, and click on a song to start it playing the queue again. This is often difficult to do when I'm driving, unless I'm stopped at a red light. I found this somewhere in this forum: What that tells me is that if I'm looking at all the files in my queue, and I click on one of them to start it playing, the current category is actually the queue. So, my shuffle and repeat settings should apply to that, but they don't. Then I was pointed towards this setting: As you can see, I have that setting turned on, but it doesn't do what it says it does. I've tried skipping through the entire queue to the end, and after the last song, it exits the queue. I've also tried just putting 2 songs in the queue and letting it play them until the end of the second song (as suggested by someone else in this thread), but that also exits the queue. So what's the purpose of this setting?. This is how I currently have my repeat and shuffle settings set: I'm lost here. All I want to do is select some music, whether it's 1 song or 1000 songs, and have it shuffle through what I selected and repeat that for all eternity (or until I decide to change the selection). Again, this is something that worked perfectly prior to version 3. Can we have this functionality back?
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