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  1. I too would like this to be compatible with Android Auto. Other music apps tend to display my music folders all weird.
  2. So I was using the LG G4 and all the song album covers would display properly. Yesterday I got the Samsung S7 Edge and none of it appears. The way I set the album cover is I do it for each song on my computer before transferring it to my Micro SD card. I don't use an image in the folder or anything, it's all embedded into the tracks. This has worked on a HTC One M8, LG G3, and LG G4. I have tried re-adding all my songs to my Micro SD card folder, I have re-installed Poweramp, deleted every .nomedia file that was on my phone and card. I have done a full re-scan, disabled and enabled artwork options. I deleted the folders in the data folder to see if that triggers anything, but nope. The cover art shows up in other music apps but not on Poweramp. Is there a bug in Poweramp that doesn't work with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or something?
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