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  1. Thank you, Max. I'd read that thread earlier and thought I'd tried the settings in it, but they hadn't worked (hence my post above), 

    It seems to be working for wired now, thank you, although not for Bluetooth. Is that normal ie it doesn't work on Bluetooth, or is dependent on the headset used etc? 

    Sorry if these are dumb questions. 

  2. I'm using Poweramp v3 build 862 on Samsung s20 Ultra, Android 10, and am unable to get 24bit output.

    It constantly resamples it to 16bit 48 kHz no matter what settings I play about with or what output I try (Speaker, bluetooth wired - USB DAC, etc). 

    I've reset all to defaults, cleared data and reinstalled app, and no joy so far. 

    Thanks for any advice! 

  3. On 8/10/2018 at 8:16 AM, bonsanator said:

    Thanks Max, I found a bug in my most precious part of a music player, Playlists :(

    Turns out the shuffle isnt working when i press the shuffle icon from a playlist. The shuffle every song in the library feature works but not the playlist specific ones.

    Any possible solutions/workarounds?

    EDIT: I'm using the HTC 10 stock 8.0 ROM

    Same for me on a Galaxy s8+

    But thank you, @maxmp! I've been checking the site regularly for updates, so happy to see this latest version! THANK YOU again! 

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