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  1. Same for me on a Galaxy s8+ But thank you, @maxmp! I've been checking the site regularly for updates, so happy to see this latest version! THANK YOU again!
  2. All seems to be working very well with the Alpha (Galaxy S7 - not Edge), thank you Max and Andre for all your efforts. Might just be me, but the sound quality sounds amazing, too. I noticed you had mentioned some audio changes for hires audio, and whilst I don't understand all that stuff too much, something is definitely better, so I am a very happy bunny! :-) Thanks again!
  3. Hi there, 585 hasn't fixed the album art issue on my Galaxy S7 either, sadly. if I long-press the album art area, it finds album art online and makes it available for me, but the embedded art is not being displayed...
  4. DervishD, I didn't explain myself very well, visualisation are a good substitute, *until the issue is resolved* - I most definitely prefer album art. Particularly when driving when the visualisations would be way too distracting to use!
  5. Like others, I have also recently bought a Samsung S7 (not the Edge) and no longer have album art (which is painstakingly embedded in all MP3s). Previously I was using a S5 (lollipop) and it worked fine. I downloaded the alpha version from this site and that also doesn't display album art. The visualisations work well as a substitute though! :-) Album art displays fine on other apps I've installed to test, but it's Poweramp I want! :-) I've logged a ticket for this as well (while I was waiting to be validated on the forum). I am happy to get involved with any testing if needed.
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