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  1. Should be simple but i cant figure it out.I go to a playlist,start first song and hit shuffle all songs and it shuffles all songs in my device rather than just those in my selected playlist.What am i doing wrong?
  2. When im at the beach and cant see the player in the sun trying to set shuffle modes is hell.Ive even turned on repeat by mistake and that was not pretty.
  3. Yes this would be a great shuffle mode if only it existed
  4. What the hell are you doing in this thread?
  5. Come on Poweramp give mac users a taste of your brilliance
  6. So i guess with 49 people reading this and no replies the answer is no?
  7. Ipad 3 looks interesting but Poweramp is a keeper.
  8. Not sure this is possible but experimenting with equalizer settings and i created a few that dont work and i would like to delete them from preset list.
  9. mattg3

    Sound quality question

    I agree and have tried everything from player pro to winamp to cubed and a pile in the middle.The only thing i would like to see changed is the bass and volume dials be set in the middle so we can subtract as well as add treble and bass.Im sensitive to brightness and at times treble is pretty crisp.
  10. Am I the only one that doesnt know what this does.You touch it and line comes on under word limit yet i dont hear any sound differences
  11. mattg3

    lmt stx

    yes but what does limit do?
  12. Cant figure out what this setting does to sound.Should you keep it on or not?
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