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  1. here is the personal reply i got from max (our developer): thanks for the request/feedback. Note that apollo just uses stock android equalizer/effects (available from v2.3) - these are the same as in any other player, except Poweramp. We're constantly improving Poweramp, there are new versions under development, nevertheless, Poweramp v2.0 equalizer/DSP is superior to stock Android in terms of possible equalization (more dB, bands, etc) and battery/cpu usage (stock android effects are plain C/C++, Poweramp's - simd neon optimized assembler).
  2. I think arguing about this will take us to no where. a statement from max petrov, our Poweramp developer, is necessary to at least update us of what his plans are regarding the future of Poweramp. max, we need your voice here...
  3. so if this the case? are we the app buyer will just be contented with this? i think there is a way the developers can further improve further what they have right now... its a been a long while that we have not get any updates! im just worried about this app that i bought...
  4. i am using a custom rom for my galaxy nexus. the rom developer has included apollo music player for the installed apps. and I can truly say that apollo has truly surpassed our favorite music player Poweramp! the songs are loud and clear, bass boost is amazing and interface is easy. I would like to personally appeal to the developer to pls update Poweramp to surpass what apollo has accomplished so far because with no updates for the longest time, Poweramp will become obsolete and forever be gone and regarding the fact that Apollo is free and no purchase to be made. i am doing this because i don
  5. I have disabled DVC in build 484, and the problem of song scratches and much more the song stops from nowhere still exists! Can you please make a concrete solution on these problem because this has been so annoying already! I think its much better to use the stock music player than using powaeramp! If a concrete solution will not be done, i will be asking for a FULL REFUND of what i paid for!
  6. can you not do anything about this anymore? you should have anticipated this problems because android os is upgrading very fast. you should not have compatibility issues with the rom because you are the developer and we are buying your app, and we deserve what we have bought...
  7. Such symptoms means instability in new Android audio subsystem, most probably, in audio drivers. This can't be fixed in Poweramp as this is ROM issue. In this case you can rollback to old Android APIs by disabling Poweramp settings=>Audio Engine=>Advanced Tweaks=>Direct Volume Control. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************* I have tried to disable direct volume control and it does not show those symptoms anymore. But the sound volume and tone is of low quality
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