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  1. Olatje

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Thanks for the update!! Knew you gonna surprise us. The best player ever. Happy with it.
  2. I cannot open the file after downloading, tried uninstalling the previous version and still cannot open the file.
  3. Still can't open the file. I uninstall and downloaded the apk stil the same.
  4. I downloaded the file but cannot open it on my phone . Still on alpha 703, do I have to download 704. I am on Huawei mate 8.
  5. Olatje

    Next builds priorities

    Bluetooth and album artists please.
  6. Olatje

    Poweramp v3 - can no longer test

    I have the same problem.I just went back to the previous version even though i very much like to participate in the testing.The idea of touching my phone everytime i have call and the music not resuming back is frustrating.I hope the bluetooth issue is solve together with the album artists.Will surely try again when next it's updated.