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  1. I have a few requests to improve the aesthetics: Add the option to hide the Repeat & Shuffle options onscreen. Unnecessary for me & they add clutter. Add the option to change the 3 lines in the upper left corner to 3 horizontal dots. Offer 2 options for the icons up top; they can either be up top, or below the image line. I'd prefer a cleaner folder image. Example: Below image line (from left): 3 horizontal dots > Search > Visual EQ > 3 horizontal dots Space: Prev. Folder > Restart Track > Play > Next Track > Next Folder S
  2. I'll be purchasing a USB DAC & an OTG cable soon to partner with my Note 3, and I'm wondering if the 704 build incorporates USB support.
  3. Andre, You are correct & I've edited my post. I've modified 2 tracks from Unknown album by adding an Artist, Title & Cover in the ID Tag properties. Poweramp simply reorganized the tracks in Unknown album (screenshot 1). What specific information is Poweramp looking for within the ID Tag properties in order to remove a track from Unknown album?Poweramp is pulling my voicemail files & 3 ringtones (Hangout files) into Unknown album (screenshot 2). Voicemail messages & ringtones are in their respective folders, not in the Music folder.Of the 72 files in Unknown album, 2
  4. Currently running the paid version of the app. Here's the situation: Poweramp has created an Album of its own "Unknown album"Unknown album contains both, files that will play & files that won'tTried deleting Unknown album (Poweramp offers this option, but it won't delete Unknown album)Tried to delete individual tracks within Unknown album, but the Delete option is unavailableUnknown album doesn't exist in my "Music" folder on my mSD cardEvery other Album / folder works / plays / shows up fine (212 Albums)Need Unknown album gone Attached 2 pics for reference. Thanks in advance for any
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