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  1. All the people everywhere requesting a Material Overmake for this player, and the admins of Poweramp only caring about REAL Features ! The quality of Poweramp is already Superb and I DONT USE It for the very outdated looks. And NO I dont want to download skins here and there to get a Material Look, maybe color/icons/font tweaks ! but the UI language should be material.
  2. Damn awesome job Brainscollector ! Can't wait for this to become a reality and finally get back to my originally favorite Android Music Player ! I have missed it !!! Been ages now !
  3. This is my first post on the forums, I solely registered to ask for a Full Material Design, I have ditched this player ONLY because it did not update to any material design yet. Im using things like Shuttle+ to enjoy Google's beauty UI. Just tried the Beta v3, and its way too far from being Material Design, I feel like Im on the ICS or Gingerbread days. For god's sake team, release something with Material Design ! How may one star rating this app is getting from old users like me because of the UGLY UI it currently has ? Peace
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