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  1. More precisely the files are aac (in iTunes and PoweAmp), but in Windows they appear as m4a. That;s why I use Poweramp - it should work with flac, aac, m4a (at least this is what I read on your site). Well - I imported all my library in Mp3Tag and saved it (without any re-tagging) and suddenly all files are recognized. But it remains a mistery why Poweramp did not recognize some tags while the Android player did. I will send you a file if this this happens again, . Thank you for your kind answer.
  2. However something does not work. On my Galaxy S6 Edge I imported around 6000 songs, but from 1% of them Poweramp says "unknown artist/ unknown album / unknown genre". They are all m4a files / 320 kbs. The Android Player recognizes all these files that Poweramp does not, and puts the songs correctly in their albums - though the tags are correct. It's a little annoying
  3. Refine selection. Two albums with the same title but different artists must be selected as TWO albums (no as ONE as it happens now). Processing the Album artist tag is a must for Poweramp to be a real music organiser of a large music library
  4. I also have an UNKNOWN ALBUM that is... empty. Poweramp could not delete it. In my Music folder there are only some albums, all of them being tagged and visualised and only some folders were selected for being scanned. So, what „unknown album” could it be?
  5. As a great fun of classical music, I am annoyed when my THREE Bach ”Art of fugue”s, with THREE different artists, are considered by Powermp as a SINGLE album , while in iTunes they are three DIFFERENT albums.Why should I tag differently this three albums, only because Poweramp is not able to understand that "The Art of fugue" is the title of a famous Bach's work, but it could be played by many artists, hence there are plenty of albums with the same title? Poweramp should refine its software for an ALBUM be indeed a single ALBUM, but not considering an ALBUM all the files with the same title.
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