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  1. Max, i agree with ysaliens. Thanks for bringing the feature back in 2.0, but the way it behaves now is not good. When i shuffle a folder with subfolders in it, i would expect Poweramp to shuffle ALL songs that are located in the individual subfolders - just like it was in Poweramp 1.4. Thanks!
  2. +1 - I completely agree. That is exactly the way i mostly used Poweramp until now...it was very fast and intuitive. Please max bring these shortcuts back in 2.0! Otherwise it's a great update!
  3. well explained texvik! i agree...additionally the dynamic queue should also be accessible when in folder mode. right now, one has to switch to library mode to access it.
  4. hi! this is nitpicking...but if you set sdcard:\music as your default music folder, then the music folder should not be shown as directory when opening the folder view, but only it's files & subfolders. because this is always an unnecessary click. thanks and greetings!
  5. what does this exactly do? how does one benefit from this option? is there any downside on enabling it? thanks!
  6. i suggested something quite similar here. i think user definable views with different view levels is what we are in need of
  7. hi! folderwise i have my music organized by genre\artist\year - album... in my favourite android music player i would like to browse my music library in such a way - and yes...my music collection is very well tagged as well afaik when browsing the library in genre mode - Poweramp only shows every single song of that genre, but not a list of artists from that genre - which would actually be the next logical level for me. btw did i already say, that i love Poweramp greetings, blubserl
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