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  1. Really wanting this. I might say it was my most used feature in v2 in conjunction with the queue
  2. I like the setting to change the default click option for library items to "enque and stay within list." However when I have that option selected, there's no easy way to play a song immediately. Its jarring to others on my phone and I have to explain there's no way to directly play a song with my current settings. There was an option in v2 as I recall, right next to the 'enque' option. My suggestion for v3 is to replace the 'Queue' button in the select menu with a 'play' button while the "enque and stay within list" option in settings is enabled.
  3. One of my most used features of pre-3.0 Poweramp was the list 'filter' function. I have very large playlists of many different artists and albums, some of these go into the thousands of songs. I liked to 'search' for a particular song in a list, and then have it shuffle through everything else. I could then dj my own listening experience by searching for another song within the playlist and then putting it in the queue, but when rhe queue ends, Im still in my list. I'd like a way to restrict the global search to my current list, or some kind of in-list search. Another minor issue things brings up: One of my playlists lost about 50 songs in the update, no idea what happened (maybe a cue file got moved), but there's no way to find what I have or don' have in my playlist without manually scrolling through my massive list. Not a big deal, but an ability to search through a playlist would help me fix this. Fantastic update btw, I love the abilty to tweak the output settings.
  4. Yea, the readily available search is amazing, thank you. But I'd like the ability to rescrict the search to my current category, as the new list view is very unwieldy for lists with thousands of songs.
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