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  1. boonboon

    Hi Res on Mi A1

    This device can support Hi-Res. because it use snapdragon 625 please refer to this https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-625-mobile-platform
  2. boonboon

    Hi Res on Mi A1

    Same like me. i can't get Hi-Res 24bit/192khz My Device : Mi A1 Android version : Android 9.0 Poweramp version : 814
  3. boonboon

    Hi Res on Mi A1

    My device is unable to get 24 bit Mi A1 Android 9 Poweramp ver. 814
  4. boonboon

    Internet Radio

    1 feature that I hope to request developer to add in Poweramp. Because of Internet radio sound is not good.
  5. boonboon

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Thanks for hard work. I got beta build 793 from play store.
  6. Why Poweramp V3 Preview Beta UI same like below image. This image is from this link https://soundcloud.com/
  7. Thank you Max for released Preview Beta. May I report 1 of bug is MusicFX can't open on Android 7.1 and Android 8.1. Please fix this bug in next beta release.
  8. boonboon

    When v3.0 come?

    Yes, alpha-test build is remarkably stable with stable ROM. May be I have to switch from beta test ROM to stable ROM.
  9. Thank you. Viper4Arise and Deuteronomy 2.3.3 is need to flash?
  10. boonboon

    When v3.0 come?

    Glad to hear that. I'm waiting for beta-test version.
  11. Thank you for your response.
  12. I'm using Poweramp Alpha build 704 with Mi Max 64GB Android 7.0 (MIUI Global Beta ROM 7.1.12) Please fix this bug.
  13. boonboon

    Next builds priorities

    When the next build will roll out?
  14. Yes. I'm using the new alpha-test release of Poweramp v3 it's very great sound but still can't play Hi-res.