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  1. You have to enable "USB debugging" and "USB debugging (Security settings)" in Developer options in MIUI12
  2. Thank you for your quick response. I already DUMP it. I fogot to disable permission monitoring. After I disable permission monitoring I can DUMP it already.
  3. I can't DUMP permission OPPO Reno 2 Please help. I'm already anable USB debugging. But can't dump permission.
  4. When I use Fiio M6 with FiiO F9SE headphone with Poweramp Ver. 852 Headphone sound is crack when I use HiRes Output (Volume 35-40) but when I switch to OpenGL ES output headphone sound is no crack but I have to volume up to 70-80 (With same Headphone when I use with my Xiaomi Mi A2 sound is very good with Poweramp Ver. 852) I'm sorry that I don't know this issue is hardware bug or software bug?
  5. Edit : Already know what's my problem 1. FiiO M6 2. Android 7.0 When I use Huawei USB Type C in-ear headphone it's shown as below but When I use Xiaomi in-ear headphone it's shown as below. My problem is solved.
  6. I have same problem with FIIO M6 and I can't install full version unlocker too. I do I solve? Update: I bought a license again from website and now It's no problem about license activation.
  7. This device can support Hi-Res. because it use snapdragon 625 please refer to this https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-625-mobile-platform
  8. Same like me. i can't get Hi-Res 24bit/192khz My Device : Mi A1 Android version : Android 9.0 Poweramp version : 814
  9. My device is unable to get 24 bit Mi A1 Android 9 Poweramp ver. 814
  10. 1 feature that I hope to request developer to add in Poweramp. Because of Internet radio sound is not good.
  11. Thanks for hard work. I got beta build 793 from play store.
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