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  1. I tried to download multiple times on both phone and PC. Neither way works for me. It's strange.
  2. Is there something wrong with the apk file? I downloaded and tried to tap to install, it shows "Error"
  3. The first two folder and album view doesn't show cover art.
  4. I can finally see the Attach files at the bottom of the box. Not sure why, I have not done anything...
  5. Is there any one can help?
  6. Even I use image link, it shows "You are not allowed to use image extension"...
  7. I don't see any Upload attachment option...
  8. Just wondering how I can open topic with image attached directly. I can only insert image with URL link...
  9. The folder and album mode don't show cover...Please add this as feature request.
  10. Hi, I have FLAC, CUE sheet and cover jpg under one folder. Only when playing the music, the Player shows album cover, but under library and album views, no album cover is showing...Not sure if this is a bug. If now, please all it as feature request. Thanks
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