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  1. I am getting the same problem. Poweramp just closes itself at the end of songs randomly while the screen is off. When you reopen the app it'll be stopped at the start of the next song. I use Poweramp daily and noticed this issue as soon as this build was released. Axon 7
  2. Equaliser preset auto-change option for USB Audio. Since I currently use a USB cable to my car stereo to play music, there is currently no option to automatically swap EQ presets on USB Audio but there is for bluetooth, handset speakers and 3.5mm audio.
  3. I just batch stripped all the RG values from my library and copied it back onto my µSD card. Not an issue but hopefully this does get fixed or at least thrown onto the bug tracker. Thanks for the help though Andre!
  4. Ok I tested your files and my findings are exactly the same as what you found. RG seems to be applying to Opus regardless of setting, and the MP3 with RG sounds slightly quieter than the FLAC but louder than the Opus. All of my Opus library was converted, RG analysed and lyrics added using foobar2000 and tags written using Picard. It looks like most of my albums have around a -10dB RG after they have been analysed. So the solution for now is to remove all RG data from my Opus library until the ReplayGain toggle gets fixed since it seems to always be on for Opus files?
  5. This happens with all Opus files and yes they are all encoded at the same levels. I did further testing last night and encoded AAC and Opus files from a FLAC source and Poweramp is playing the AAC files at the correct volume and Opus at the quiet volume. When playing both files from my desktop computer they are the same volume and when I am playing them on my phone using Neutron Player they are both the same volume. I also tried playing with the audio settings in Poweramp such as the Output Plugin, turning on DVC and turning off my equaliser and none of them solve the problem. I have also
  6. As I have posted in the other testing thread, I would like to see the super quiet Opus playback fixed as it appears to be the only file format that plays music at very low volume for some strange reason (sounds like a constant -20dB preamp but only on Opus files)
  7. Just tested alpha buiild 700. Very impressed so far and am extremely pleased to see an alpha build that has come out that supports Opus. However, I have found two issues. 1. Opus audio files playback at very low volume compared to AAC/MP3/Ogg files whilst they playback at regular volume on my computer. Best way to describe it is like there is a -20dB preamp and I have to max out my earphone volume and push the preamp to +5dB just to listen to Opus files at a comfortable volume. Everything else seems to work perfectly. 2. Album art is sometimes incorrect when jumping between albums (this is
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