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  1. I dont think it is the most important problem and i can sleep well with that but the album art visualization is a basic feature since last century.
  2. I ve installed to 585 and doesnt work the embedded album art
  3. Yes please,i have use power amp for a long time and i want to use it right in the future.i have no covers and it is a pity
  4. i ve just installed the alpha version of power amp and still have the cover problem! So i dont know what can i do. It seems we are doomed to have no covers! I ve used power amp for 4 years and it was fine until the 6.0.0 updated, in fact it worked fine with the present phone until the 6 updated.
  5. Im using android 6.0.0 My terminal is bq aquarius a4.5 Firmware 2.2.0
  6. Im using the 2.0.10-build-582 version. I have the cover problem since i ve update to android 6.0 version. I ve never had this problem in others android versions. This is new for me. The thing is i can see the covers in other players.
  7. It happens always. Power amp does not read covers.
  8. I can not find the visualization icon, i dont know where is the left menu you mean
  9. Since i updated to Android 6.0 i can not see no covers anymore.i know many people with the same problem.
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