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  1. According to lies and all the crap talk from "the one", it's been 2 months since "final release date", so in the same way it was before I can be sure that final maybe will be released in 1.5 year, not earlier
  2. Dude, I was web developer, games mood Creator and few other things that required scripting/programming skills, you don't know anything about programming because what thing is going on here is just ridiculous and if he's working on this even involving half of his efforts that he put into his real job, I really don't know what kind of person hires him, for sure someone who don't like productive and actually working people
  3. Patience guy you must be new here Why do you guys defend him and just lie to further defend his laziness and broken words? He said many times when he's planning to release something, have exact dates and deadlines that he NEVER meet. Saying it's good enough that he updates Poweramp anyway it's like saying that it's good anyways that you are working in Tesco as cash register for 40 years because you have a job and it's success that there's a job anyways. It's just a pure joke that he edited once again good post to hide ETA and deadlines just for you brave defenders to say "see he didn't promised anything". If some developer is considered generous and awesome because he's updating his work after over 5 f* years with some mayor changes, you are freaking 0. Since I have bought my first Android phone that was Samsung Galaxy mini and I bought Poweramp this app haven't changed since then to this day. And that was almost 7 or 8 years ago. He just earned his money and don't give a S about this app anymore and that would be ok if he would at least admit it, not just gaining defenders like you that just stand and bash anyone who tries to prove how sad this man is I have sent many material design examples how this app could look alike, I was about to help max for free with his job and give him as many design concepts he would need but he didn't give a S* about it but that's ok, but whining how this app looks alike, how sad implementation of material design there is in it as most people expected, is his problem because he decided to do it his way not even implementing one thing that could be considered material Just small reminder from over a year ago that was made in a week after many changes people advised
  4. You are so funny man. First 1 year delay now "end of month max beginning of next" already 20 of June and still nothing :D You can't be trusted and I feel sorry about friends that trusted you and they experienced what kind of untrustworthy person you are
  5. I just came here to laugh. After half year I'm here again and see completely 0% progress. It's ridiculous. Well done max, here's your badge of the slowest programmer in the world
  6. See you till next end of the year for - almost done - information from Max and maybe stable release in 2019. Well done for breaking community apart.
  7. Agree, it will be another half year long journey through tunnel, and MAYBE it will be released that time. If it took few months just to give any kind of reply about progress with previous words that it's almost done etc. I don't see any possibility to see beta until next year. What I can see from the log, Max started his work just in the current month and before there was just a couple things "done" in few previous months, so I'm not surprised that this takes so long. Also you can see that there was just a single mention in month 6, freaking 1 git in one single month, and as much work was done in 4 months as in this month. This is called - not giving a single flying f about finishing project. Max already earned millions of dollars on us, I'm not surprised he don't give a sh about us. It's just his free time work to kill some time, nothing else.
  8. Awesome, just another half year and there will be beta release. Can't wait to see it next year.
  9. Now Max will be optimizing pa for Oreo for half year do don't expect update anytime this year
  10. Max seem not to understand meaning of the alpha and beta releases. Just chrome as example - there is stable version, beta, Dev, canary, every single one has its own update frequency, and that's how it should look alike - stable, beta playstore and alpha pushed as nightly or something like that. But nah, let's make alpha release polished like final product, beta with one minor fix and stable with minor 2 fixes.
  11. No, it won't be worth the wait. Check retro player for example. This app was build in a year from scratch by person that don't have super experience in Android coding, yet made MORE than what Max did in 2 years. Sorry.
  12. I though that was a joke when we said that release will be next year, but I can see that wasn't joke. Only thing what joke is, is how development looks alike here. Congratulations. It's already more than half year since "next month". If civilization would be developed in that speed, we would be still driving on horses back and living in wooden homes.
  13. I just came here to laugh once again that month after month, this time, how it was planned to be released at the end of last month... This is just so funny. It's already half year of "to be released in next month" announcement. Well done, good that Max is kind of Dev that almost don't exist because today we would be still using KitKat as newest Android. And holding Samsung s5 as newest device.
  14. Its already half year since Max announced "beta will be released next month". This is pathetic behavior.
  15. This is f joke. I know if someone say that something will be done till the end of month and then he say he won't make it and need some more time and for normal person that means week, maximum two weeks of "more time", but f sake, another month after a 2 months of previous "more time" is just f pathetic. Seriously.
  16. No worries guys, soon we will have message from Max that he need another month to polish some features. I thought that OnePlus is shameless about updates, but nah, you made it
  17. Sorry, but this is just Pathetic. Truly pathetic. Another month after last month was announced to be release date. So my bet goes it will be released in next year. But for now it is just... Pathetic
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