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  1. According to lies and all the crap talk from "the one", it's been 2 months since "final release date", so in the same way it was before I can be sure that final maybe will be released in 1.5 year, not earlier
  2. Dude, I was web developer, games mood Creator and few other things that required scripting/programming skills, you don't know anything about programming because what thing is going on here is just ridiculous and if he's working on this even involving half of his efforts that he put into his real job, I really don't know what kind of person hires him, for sure someone who don't like productive and actually working people
  3. Patience guy you must be new here Why do you guys defend him and just lie to further defend his laziness and broken words? He said many times when he's planning to release something, have exact dates and deadlines that he NEVER meet. Saying it's good enough that he updates Poweramp anyway it's like saying that it's good anyways that you are working in Tesco as cash register for 40 years because you have a job and it's success that there's a job anyways. It's just a pure joke that he edited once again good post to hide ETA and deadlines just for you brave defenders to say "s
  4. You are so funny man. First 1 year delay now "end of month max beginning of next" already 20 of June and still nothing :D You can't be trusted and I feel sorry about friends that trusted you and they experienced what kind of untrustworthy person you are
  5. I just came here to laugh. After half year I'm here again and see completely 0% progress. It's ridiculous. Well done max, here's your badge of the slowest programmer in the world
  6. See you till next end of the year for - almost done - information from Max and maybe stable release in 2019. Well done for breaking community apart.
  7. Agree, it will be another half year long journey through tunnel, and MAYBE it will be released that time. If it took few months just to give any kind of reply about progress with previous words that it's almost done etc. I don't see any possibility to see beta until next year. What I can see from the log, Max started his work just in the current month and before there was just a couple things "done" in few previous months, so I'm not surprised that this takes so long. Also you can see that there was just a single mention in month 6, freaking 1 git in one single month, and as much work wa
  8. Awesome, just another half year and there will be beta release. Can't wait to see it next year.
  9. Now Max will be optimizing pa for Oreo for half year do don't expect update anytime this year
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