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  1. Worth waiting for this update.... nice animation and UI... Hi-Res working great on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred) ON 7.1.1 based ROM... but when hi-res enabled audio sounds like bass heavy, compared to 703/704... if possible please move title, album, artist to below album art.. i know it will be heavy task as you need to recreate lots of animation... Thanks for making such awesome app...
  2. @andrewilley sir and @clever_man sir, if you guys have access to Poweramp google play page, please add a note in description "This app is not fully Supported on Oreo based ROM, you may face bug", if you guys don't have access, please ask max to add this note in description... because lots of people purchasing now on Oreo based device and abusing PA... Thanks..
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