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  1. Niro, it would be a good idea not to try to update the current OS but instead completely replacing it with a new one. If you don't know how to do that either head over to XDA or OnePlus' forums. https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one https://forums.oneplus.net/forums/the-one/ Also take special notice of the OnePlus Toolbox: http://inthiaano.com/oneplus-one-toolbox/ http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/development/toolbox-oneplus-one-toolbox-t2808987 CheerS!
  2. Never had such an issue but then again, your OS version is pretty old, Cyngn has released COS 13 and even before that there's been 12.1 for months, neither of which had any such issue. My advice, save whatever you don't want to lose and then upgrade/factory reset your phone to either of those versions. If you like all the extra stuff Cyngn has added to COS then go for 12.1, if not, COS 13 is basically just CMod13, pretty bare except for the GApps.
  3. I'd like to add that OnePlus One's Marshmallow CyanogenMod-based builds also support it, I've personally used it with ResurectionRemix ROMs up to 192 and I've read from others that "stock" CM13 nightlies also support it just fine. On the other hand, I've read that SultanXDA's CAF-based builds for some reason didn't support it at least up 'till now, not sure whether that has changed or will change.
  4. I see, thank you for the explanation. Nevertheless, I didn't have either of those two behaviours with alpha 700 and I THINK 701 (but didn't use it for that long so not 100% sure) so whatever it was you did to fix the bluetooth issue was what caused said behaviour. However like I said, I prefer this very small inconvenience to taking my phone out every time I answer a call to resume playback so thanks!
  5. No, it's a Poweramp issue although, it seems to me it's an intentional half-measure Max consciously implemented. If I add the fact that I hear the double/triple beep when I skip forward/back tracks it's pretty clear to me that he implemented a method that passes through the one for the wired headsets. If I were to guess then I'd say he emulates the bluetooth as a wired headset using sth for a passthrough, maybe a wrapper I don't know, and emulates button presses as the wired headset's single, double and triple presses respectively to achieve the intended result. The good news is that this method works reliably enough to be serviceable until he comes up with a proper one.
  6. Here's a weird set of (potentially related) bugs. When I installed the 702 build I noticed that every time I connected my bluetooth headphones Poweramp would auto-resume playback even though it was unticked in settings for bluetooth headsets and only ticked for wired ones. I had to also untick it for wired headphones to stop it from autoplaying. In other (possibly related) news, I discovered that now when I pressed the skip track button on my bluetooth there would be TWO beeps and when I pressed the previous track button there would be THREE, just like the single button behaviour. It is my guess that in the new build the wired and bluetooth settings were mixed together, possibly in an attempt to fix the bluetooth-only playback bug after a call. Could others please confirm?
  7. I am using the build from the 14th (he updates extremely often, sometimes daily so I can't keep up) and so far no problems whatsoever. It's a lot more bells and whistles than Sultan's build but I don't see it bogging down the phone. Sorry for the OT guys!
  8. I thought I mentioned it, Resurrection Remix, android 6.0
  9. I don't see it in the changelog but the distortion I mentioned when using the Hi-Res output with my OnePlus One in 701 is gone in 702, in fact it sounds FREAKIN' AMAZING NOW!!! Well, since Sultan builds his own CAF kernel you could ask him to add the necessary changes for the feature to work but from what I've gathered he's more focused on the camera performance, he even underclocks to 1.9GHz for more stable performance. I didn't it was a quote, you should askthe OP directly, however in my OnePlus One it is by holding the Power+Volume Down together.
  10. Hey, am I reading this right? You've enabled Hi-Res output for the Bluetooth? How? Probably the ROM, I am using Resurrection Remix (Android 6.0) with my OPO and it's working, Variant Snapdragon 24-bit PCM, although when listening to ordinary VBR MP3s the sound is actually worse, it's quieter, narrower and quite a bit distorted. Not sure if it's the MP3, the EQ I have set or simply bad compatibility...
  11. I've ran multiple tests, it is not the bluetooth keeping pending commands but Poweramp that does not accept them. The best example I have was when I accepted an incoming call, I pressed the bluetooth's call button to end it (it worked), then used the bluetooth's display to read an SMS message (it has that capability) and THEN, used its' menu to re-dial the last number that called me. Between each of those actions I would press the play button to try and resume playback with no success with Poweramp being the frontground app (it was open and on-screen). Like before, taping the app's play button worked immediately and after that it resumed accepting commands from the bluetooth as well.
  12. Although it never happens to me even after hours of normal playback and will only happen after a call, I will try this and report back. Also of note is that today, I made a call during playback and even though the music did not resume after the call ended, this time it accepted the manual "play" command from the bluetooth, first time it happened to me, not sure what's different as i haven't changed anything in my phone in months.. Read previous post, I noticed the same thing, apparently it is a general issue with bluetooth as it doesn't appear to happen with wired earphones.
  13. Although I see similar bugs I don't see mine exactly. With bluetooth earphones (Sony SBH50), when I listen to music and decide to make a call or answer one, the playback will briefly continue after the "call"/"accept" button has been pressed with distorted sound (probably because the device switches sound quality to "call") and then pauses as expected. However once the call ends, playback does NOT resume, furthermore, it will not resume even when I manually press the bluetooth's "play" button. The bluetooth will show that it has accepted the command itself (the on-screen display will change the playback icon from pause to play) but nothing will happen. The only way is by opening Poweramp and tapping the play button from the app, at which point the last song starts playing from the beginning and at which point the bluetooth's controls start working again. I am using a OnePlus One with a CM12.1-based ROM (Lollipop 5.1.1) with a CAF 3.4.0-based kernel (found HERE), Rooted and XPosed (but only for battery optimization and ad-removal, nothing that affects sound, playback, Poweramp or the Bluetooth wakelock). I have also installed Sony's Smart Connect and the SBH50 plugin/driver but have not enabled any events from their end, just added some basic functionality like the time and SMSs being displayed on the bluetooth's screen.
  14. Sorry, saw it just now, I'm using a OnePlus One with a CyanogenMod 12.1-based build (Android Lollipop 5.1.1) with all sound-shaper apps such as AudioFX etc disabled, instead relying exclusively on Poweramp's built-in EQ, Tone & Limit enabled and Tempo & Reverb disabled. I use EAC for ripping and LAME 3.995M VBR for compression, never had an issue whatsoever.
  15. I have a OnePlus One as well and can also confirm that PA is exceptionally battery friendly, plus the new audio engine sounds SO much better, especially in certain previously problem scenarios that I had identified so while I would appreciate the option/external use of a hardware DSP, it really isn't that much of a priority AFAIC. To put it into perspective, I've been listening to music during gym using my bluetooth earphones and after a 1:30-hour period, my battery fell 10.4% with the bluetooth wakelock itself accounting for 8.1% and Poweramp a mere 2.3%.
  16. From the options above I'd say Cloud Storage Support but in truth none of the options even come close to things like export/import of EQ presets and settings or an update of the lock screen to one that dynamically adds features to the ROMs' stock music one, thus allowing for things like spectrum analyzer or the full-screen album overlay etc to work while adding Poweramp extra functionality like the next & previous album/playlist/folder buttons or the seekbar.
  17. I don't really understand why some users have problems with gapless. I myself have always found gapless in Poweramp to be excellent. It was literally the first thing I tried when I installed the alpha and there was absolutely no delay or artifact between songs. It is worth mentioning that it was an in-place upgrade and that I retained my previous settings. I tested it using two live albums. One I had converted from the CDs to MP3s using the usual per-track method and one where I specifically used LAME's "--nogap" command line setting per the following guide's Method 2: http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/GaplessHowTo i.e. I first ripped all the tracks in WAV and then converted them all to MP3 in one long command line, thus telling LAME which track would follow the one it was currently encoding. In both cases there was absolutely NO gap and no audible artifact between the tracks, however, I found that the album encoded as individual MP3 files without the --nogap option for some reason overshot the track's playing time by 3 seconds i.e, if the track displayed a total playing time of 1:23, the actual playback was 1:26, after which it gaplessly switched to the next track with a 0:00 starting time. Other media players, like Winamp for instance, display the track switch at 1:23 and start the next track's timer at -0:03. That might have been the preferable option to avoid confusion but it is purely a presentation issue and not a functional one. In case it makes a difference to anyone, these are the settings I use under "Fade, Crossfade, and Gapless": Auto-advance Fading: Disabled Manual Track Change Fading: Short Fade play/pause/stop & on Seek: both Disabled Cut Silence: Enabled Crossfade Length" 1000ms Short manual crossfade & Play/pause/stop fade length: both 400 ms Seek fade length 100 ms Other than that, the new alpha FINALLY resolved an issue with audible artifacts on certain over-produced albums when listened to with a custom EQ (Primal Fear's New Religion being an excellent example with the rhythm guitar producing an audible wah-wah effect that isn't present in the original). The Album Art issues have already been mentioned so I consider that a Known Issue, however the new audio engine is enough for this Alpha to permanently replace the previous stable version on my phone.
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