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  1. im beta tester and just received a update ... is this the same update linked in this forum? i love the new all black theme makes the app and my all black galaxy s9plus look sexy
  2. im really enjoying this new update max promised to bring out L O L ... 2 years and counting....
  3. When are you ever going to update this app it's been on beta/alpha for a very long timeeeeeeeee already . You need more developers to work with and not just one guy doing everything while every other music app is being updated and getting better. Very disappointed
  4. when is Poweramp officially updating? this Poweramp alpha build dragging out forever....
  5. well since for me the new gapless is not working with this new Poweramp like the old version worked great for me.. any body else knows other player that play real good seamlessly mixed music....
  6. i came here a while backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk to talk about how the old version of Poweramp had better transition on gapless/seamless music then this version . since im a dj this was one of the reasons why i liked power amp! i mean the gapless wasnt perfect at all but now for some reason it just seems worse . i got and update and i cant seem to go back to the old version . Is there anyway i can go back to the old version of Poweramp.. the music file is wmav2 which works pretty good on the old version
  7. I'm curious what phone do you have? I have galaxy s6 still running lollipop. Honestly the old version runs gapless better for me . Alot of seamless play with minor hiccups here and there .This version I've tried everything including your method and it's not cutting it for me . I guess I'll go back to the old version & keep my fingers cross when the official update arrives & hope it works great for me
  8. So far it's pretty good . I really cant complain much since it's the alpha . But since I'm a dj, I think the gapless is not good actually seems to be a bit worse on my galaxy s6. It pauses and the music transition not smooth at all. The old version is way better since some of my mixes go seamlessly. Hope it gapless does get fix for djs like me, that like to listen to our mixes with out pauses.
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