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  1. Possibly fix the album art not sticking while playing music in a playlist bug? I can't honestly think of much, this alpha build has been pretty damn solid.
  2. I have a very similar problem, except, playback does resume for me, but the volume is super low for a few seconds then goes back to its normal level. Can't find a way around it.
  3. So after using the Alpha build for 24 hours, I haven't had any issues or force close messages, but I did notice two thing's: Can't grant SD card access in order to edit tags or delete a song and while in a playlist, none of my album art sticks, just uses whatever art it wants to, but if I play a whole album from a selected artist then it works just fine, but other than those to bugs, I love the progress you guys have made, and the new sound engine is very nice. Keep up the great work guys!
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