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  1. Has anyone tried streaming music stored on an external drive through an OTG USB interface?... where the phone serves as a USB host? Can Poweramp properly "see" the file structure through the OTG / USB interface? thanks in advance
  2. Sorry... From the main player screen select this icon: From this screen, select this: Keep tapping it to cycle through the options until it says "Disabled"
  3. Thanks Andre!! That fixed it with all my artworks.
  4. Its not perfect.... The player seems to add a little color coordinated border image beneath and around the actual artwork file. I am not sure how to get rid of this. Andre, Is there any way to simplify this?... just toggle between visualization and album art? If you could eliminate that color coordinated border beneath / around the artwork that would be OK by me.
  5. Sure... From the main pull-down menu on the top left: Settings => Visualization >Enable Open GL ES 3 [ON] (I have no idea what this does, its the default setting) >Force 30 FPS [ON] >Leave everything else Un-checked [OFF] Settings => Album Art >Download Album Art [ON] >Download only on WiFi [ON] Display: >Show Album Art [ON] >Album Art Animation [ON] <<<<THIS IS THE CRITICAL ONE I THINK. WITHOUT THIS CHECKED, YOU JUST GET A BLACK SCREEN>>>> >Prefer In-Folder Images [ON] >Leave everything else Un-checked [OFF] Now grab the far
  6. UPDATE... I got it to work!!... Thanks. I got it to work by turning off visualizations, and turning ON the album art animation setting.
  7. I can disable it, but I can't get it to display the album artwork, once I start playing the album.
  8. I have a slightly different problem. I can't get the album artwork to display at all, once I begin playing the music. It goes to the visualization, and I don't have the option to display the album art
  9. Its on the LG-V10 (not in Poweramp). Settings => Sound & notification => 32 bit Hi-Fi DAC
  10. Curious what headphones are you using? When I had an Xperia Z3 it played plently loud on my Jays T-jays IEMs... but no where near enough voltage swing to power higher impedance headphones. IIRC he european release Xperia were extremely volume limited. Somewhere in the vicinity of .3V rms.
  11. WOW... this is one great sounding circuit: LG-V10 (Verizon) Grado 1/8 - 1/4 (M-F) adapter Sennheiser HD650 / AKG K701 >DVC = ON >32 bit DAC = ON >Hi-Fi, 50-600 Ohm setting (auto-detected by the V10) Thanks Andre
  12. OK got it. I turned on DVC and set all the gains to flat. That did the trick!! thanks, sounds great. Is there a way to switch back and forth between album artwork and the animation? There are times I want to see the album art, and yet there are other times I like the graphic animation for a little while.
  13. OK thanks Andre, just did the Download. some things I have noticed: >The app keeps playing even after I close it. Not sure if its something in my settings, but is there a way to stop playing, and dis-allow all background running operations once I close the app? There are times I do not want apps running in the background. >It continues to play for at least 3-4 phone rings when I get an incoming call while listening to music. Can playback pause be made more immediate? >Default settings are pretty quiet. I have to turn the volume up higher than I would expect. I have the R
  14. Noob alert... will it still support .m4a files? I just switched over from an iphone to an LG V10... and am getting up to speed with it all. FWIW the current release sounds really really good with the LG V10. thanks in advance!!
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