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  1. Since build 853, I have not been able to get any sound out of my DAC cable when using Hi-Res output. It seems the hi-res engine has been pretty unstable in the last couple of builds. I occasionally get a message saying that Hi-Res output has failed and I need to kill the App to get Hi-Res to work. I also reported previously that the sound volume when using Hi-Res with a DAC cable has been inconsistent.

    The following is the hardware specification:

    Phone model: Nokia 8.1

    DAC cable: Hidizs S3 (Poweramp detects it as SONATA HD AUDIO)

    Android version:  10 with Android security patch level at 1 October 2019

    Poweramp version : build 853


  2. I am experiencing some volume issue when using my Nokia 8.1 with a DAC cable. The following are the details:

    Phone model: Nokia 8.1

    DAC cable: Hidizs S3 (Poweramp detects it as SONATA HD AUDIO)

    Android version:  10 with Android security patch level at 5 September 2019

    Poweramp version : build 845

    1) I set Poweramp to use Hi-res output when the DAC cable is plugged in.

    2) Play a few songs, bottom of the screen shows I am using 'USB-Audio - Sonata HD Audio 24-Bit 192KHZ'

    3) Detach the USB cable, the bottom of the screen shows I am using 'OPENSL ES OUTPUT 16-bit 48KHZ'

    4) Do not change the sound volume setting

    5) Reattach the DAC cable, bottom of the screen shows I am using 'USB-Audio - Sonata HD Audio 24-Bit 192KHZ'. I then play a song. However, the sound volume is lower than before. 

    6) Kill Poweramp from the app tray and reopen Poweramp. Sound volume is back to normal.

    Not sure if this is a bug or not. Many thanks.

  3. I was about this report this. Been testing this for a while. It has been happening since the last build. This problem only happens to me when the app is playing the last song of the album . If I set "Preload Gapless Track" at 2000ms, the song would end when there is still 2 seconds (2000 ms) left. If I set "Preload Gapless Track" at 5000ms, the song would end when there is still 5 seconds (5000 ms) left. 

  4. I am not sure if this question relating to album arts has been asked before and whether this is the right section of the forum to raise it. Please forgive me if I made a mistake.

    I am wondering whether there is an option to hide the mini album arts next to the title of the songs in the list view (screen shot attached). It seems a bit redundant to have mini album arts showing there when the top is already showing the album art. Also, is there an option to lower the title of the album and the name of the artist covering the album art at the top? Many thanks.



  5. 7 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Many thanks for the update Max, at least it gives the vapourware and abandonware folks something to think about. I'll update the first post and the Announcement sticky in the morning (it's kinda late here now).

    On a personal level, I'm not sure I'm a fan of the amount of clutter covering up the cover art though, either in the player screen or the Library views - such as text and control icons in solid boxes obscuring 50% of the artwork. After the first alpha was released you did say that hiding all the stuff in those panels was a feature that would be returning before the final release of v3? Hopefully that will be an option anyway, akin to the prior List Options and Hide Panels features. Also not sure from the video where things like the timeline bar and playback controls are in the control area (Fwd, Rev, Next/Prev List, etc)? I was hoping for more clearly segregated controls and textual information in a neatly defined area, away from a nice clean display of the cover art, but again perhaps those are optionally visible? Anyway, that's just first impression from a short demo graphic so there may be lots of stuff not finished yet. 


    I agree with you on this one Andre. Also thank you for managing our expectations during the past two years. You must have a tough time :D:D

  6. Would you please, for the love of god start sorting albums by ALBUM ARTIST instead of TRACK ARTIST! I've got albums that are listed as being from artist "example" even though he only performs one track on that album. Or for example I have two albums called "King", one is by T.I. and one is by a german rapper called Kollegah. Both are listed as the same album are you kidding me? I mean honestly how hard can it be? The album artist is already in the tags you just have to read it! I cannot be the only one who has complained about this...


    You are not alone my friend.

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