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  1. Have same problem on CM13 and on RR on note 4 910F and found some solution, may be it will helpful. I have this hierarchy of folders: sdcard\ sdcard\Music\ sdcard\Music\Album1 ..... sdcard\Music\Album10 And when i add in settings folder music, Poweramp scan it and then i change list view to hierarchy and open folder view Poweramp crashes every time. Then i go to settings and uncheck my folder Music and check only one subfolder in it, for example Album1. Poweramp rescan it and then when i enter in folder view it not crashed and show 2 folders-Album1 and (don't know why) main folder Music. And i can freely enter to Music folder, see all subfolders and it's not crashed and hierarchy view works ;) May be i have not too much subfolders, but without this trick Poweramp crashes but with it not.
  2. Ok, send message. I also try today Emotion Rom from other developer and have same issue unfortunately It both based on Samsung Note 4 POK1 firmware-latest available.
  3. Have same problem at Nameless ROM v5 rom and Note 4 910F
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