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  1. Wow so my days of constant nagging for Album Artist tag support is finally over. THANK YOU! *Goes searching for Fiio Q1* Proper Hi-Res on phone, here I come!
  2. Which pair of headphones are you using? I'm not noticing anything similar. (Shure SE215K, M50x)
  3. Please add Album Artist tag as a next build priority, or at least in your to-do list. Thanks!
  4. I knew I wasn't supposed to post here. But the thing is, I haven't really found a way to actually talk to the dev until this forum. A lot of people doesn't like the UI, I got no problem with that. UI is the least thing people should worry about when it comes to a Music Player. All I want is a good library, audio and navigation. Everything is perfect other than this tag issue. It's just I've been using this app for a really long time, and I keep hoping that this tag will be added in future. I posted here just out of frustration. I'm sorry I kind of violated the rules.
  5. I know it's specified in the second post in the thread. But I've created the account for just this one reason. Since it uses a new audio engine now and it already has it's own library engine. When can we expect 'Album Artist' support in the Library? We already have 'Artists' option. Is there any way 'Album Artist' tag can be added? So that we can maybe deselect 'Artists' to be shown in the Library and select 'Album Artists' option. It's such an important tag when some of us enjoys Movie/Game OST where there's a ton of Artist in the album, but just one 'Various Artists' as the Album artis
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