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  1. @maxmp hi sir, Poweramp hi-res output for headset already work on pie since last updated (build 808), it can route to 24bit 96khz / 192khz in my redmi note 4 on pie, but when i check using terminal emulator with command "dumpsys media.audio_flinger" it show true 96khz, but bit depth is only show PCM_FLOAT not 24bit packed like usually on oreo or nougat. My question is output on headset is 24bit or 32bit floating point? Thank you...
  2. I'm tried latest beta build v799 rc on android pie 9.0 (Syberia OS) for redmi note 4 mido, hi-res output with direct hd is show up and can be used. So i test to plug headset and play any song with direct hd frequency range 96khz to 192khz. But when i played hi-res song, audio isn't out from headset although i already max the volume. Volume show 2 output when using direct hd, normal sound icon and cast sound icon both of that is linked each other for volume. But still no sound, already try to configure another config is still same. Last try is to disable dvc, and sound is out but audio output is drop to 16 bit 48khz, not play hi-res audio. From where this issue come from ? On oreo build is fine with direct hd anyway
  3. 1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x (Mido) 2. Android Pie (9.0) Lineage 16.0 3. Snapdragon 625 with Qualcomm aqstic audio that support 24bit 192khz with internal DAC On Oreo I don't have any problem to play with direct HD output, when I'm move to Pie. It seems direct HD output it's work but no sound come if I'm use headset, and when I'm disable dvc sound is out but output drop to below 16bit 48Khz. It same with other app too that can access internal DAC .
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