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  1. I played with the new build of Poweramp (build 702) and delighted with the addition of album artist tag. Obviously the are still some bugs that needs to be ironed out. Bug #1 What happened: When an album is viewed via Album Artist browser, the artist space is filled with album artist instead. What is expected: The individual artist is shown in artist space when an album is viewed by following the Album Artist browser Bug #2 What happened: When the Album Artist tag is empty, the Album Artist is treated as "Unknown artist". Interestingly the Album panel already treated it so, but they are still sorted under "Unknown artist" (see picture below, the "Phrase #10" album has its Album Artist tag removed). The album art also won't load sometimes when there is no Album Artist tag present. What is expected: The album artist fall back to artist name when it is empty. At least make it as an option.
  2. Tried this with Xiaomi Redmi Note. Very solid and stable for an alpha. I find something strange. I don't know if this is by design or an oversight. Just checking. When i select the folder from the left drawer and go back, I returned to the player UI. But when I choose any other option Poweramp jump to this page (which is essentially copy of the left drawer). I have to press back again to return to player UI. I think it is better to skip this page and just go directly to player UI for consistent experience.
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