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  1. If you don't mind could you post a pic of your folder screen? Maybe I'm missing something or we're not talking about the same thing.
  2. My default music folder is "/sdcard/external_sd/Music" with sub-folders "Edited Music" and "Unedited Music" You don't understand. Folder mode is NOT true folder mode in Poweramp. All folder mode allows you to do is choose a album located in a folder.
  3. Yeah but you cant navigate to the parent folders, only sub-folders containing the actual music files. I have all my edited (clean) music in one parent folder named "edited music". That folder contains 15 sub-folders with album artist names and in each sub-folder I have folders created and named with the "Album Title". The "Album Title" sub-folder contains the tracks.
  4. Ok the "Folders" tab doesn't seem like it's doing what I expected it to do. Select or play music at the parent/child folder level. ie. you can't select a user created folder containing music, and play it.. Playerpro has a proper "Folders" selection mode but the sound quality sucks and they don't support gap-less playback or cross-fading. Please Please Please add a true "Folders" selection option, Please!
  5. On my ATT Skyrocket my file structure is as follows: /sdcard/external_sd/Music: /Edited Music --------------------------------------------/(Album Artist) ------------------------------------------------------/(Album Title) ----------------------------------------------------------------/(Track) /Unedited Music ---------------------------------------------------/(Album Artist) -------------------------------------------------------------/(Album Title) ------------------------------------------------------------------------/(Track) How can I get Poweramp to shuffle and play ALL music located under the (..../Edited Music) parent folder?
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