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  1. Update.... Android 7.1.2 lock screen function is invalid, I hope you can fix this error, and the lock screen function needs to be optimized, upgrade the code. I hope that you can redesign the lock screen, you can display the lock screen time, and the background blur effect. The lock screen interface does not display properly.There is also the skinning function will be invalid, automatically replace the default skin. Add audio booster.Add lrc lyrics file support.Can add cross feed effects.
  2. I'm glad I became a tester. Hello, my dear friend, I am very glad to serve you, I come from China. I recently used by Poweramp player player I found there are a lot of bug is not stable, the new version of Android, you need to improve the error, improve the stability。 I suggest you upgrade to play the audio engine. To achieve better sound quality and playback effect. FFmpeg latest version: 3.1.3, I hope you can compile.. (also the need to improve the stability of Poweramp = = = =...)
  3. I don't know if you listen to Dolby's mobile phone sound, feeling Dolby surround sound good
  4. I feel the reverberation effect is not much use. You just have to do the surround and the bass. Of course, this is just my own opinion.
  5. I want you to add animation effects to the music player list. The size of the filter's music file. Better surround sound and bass effects.
  6. You have worked hard, thank you, and hope that the new year, you have the better design of this program.
  7. I hope you increase the animation effect for this program.
  8. This version should be transferred as soon as possible to Play Google thank you. Senior music player from china.
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