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  1. Hi Andre, Many thanks for your reply and you make some very valid points. Having done a lot of recording at home, I'm familiar with normalising tracks, getting the overall volume of an album's worth of music broadly the same and as you say, the concept that just because everything is normalised to the same level, it won't necessarily mean that everything 'sounds' the same volume - been there, done that Perhaps what I'm trying to do is unachievable. As a matter of interest, the music player that comes bundled with phone has a feature called 'Smart Volume' which '...automatically adjusts each t
  2. Hi, I've been using Poweramp as my music player of choice on a Samsung Galaxy S3 for about 3-4 years now. The recent purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S6 (with no SD card slot) turned the task of getting my music off the old phone into a bit of a nightmare - some was bought under itunes on an ancient G4 mac, some I ripped from a large CD collection, some was bought from Amazon's mp3 store and some is my own stuff recorded at home. Add to this that it was all located in about 3 different places on the old phone, including the SD card, meant I found it a complete pain trying to get it all onto the n
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