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  1. Im a paid user now for sometime. Love Poweramp. I note the explanation given that focus is for Poweramp to be a high quality audio player hence local files are better, but like other perhaps wondering if I could use to play music files on my NAS rather than having to load a full copy of music files onto my phone. Im still using alpha build 709 because I can't remember why, lists worked better for me particularly I think because I prefer to list by Album artists to avoid the Artist list which has too many artists due to compilation and soundtracks albums. Is 709 v3 or still v2 and doe
  2. I purchased Poweramp almost immediately after trying it because I loved it and I still love it. Some time ago although I don't remember how, I think I agreed to become a Beta tester and now using alpha build 703/704. I don't seem to be able to go back. To avoid having a near endless list of artists to browse or search through, I like to browse by Album Artist. And to make this work, always use both Album Artist AND Artist fields for ALL albums when tagging music files. Where an album such as a compilation or soundtrack has more than one artist, I assign 'Various Artists' to the 'Album Art
  3. Some stereo components now have are compatible with Spotify Connect, whereby you can stream Spotify from a mobile device. As I cannot and don't yet want to upgrade my current AV receiver alternatives include: A device such as Gramofon which connects wirelessly with a mobile device and feeds audio to via the Line In: or A second or spare PC left connected to the amplifier or AVR; and possibly, Chromecast?I like this second option for the moment but notice then that Spotify on a PC can, it cannot play local files on mobile device. So does Poweramp already have streaming functionality similar
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