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  1. I'm not asking for Automatic Gain Control. I have about 5000 songs taken from many sources, Each source has a different recording level. Most of the time you can detect the different levels immediately. It too tedious to preprocess each song to adjust the volume manually with external software. The app should be able to detect changes on the fly in most cases and make the necessary adjustment. This situation is really annoying whether you're playing the audio through earphones or external speakers. It degrades the listening experience if you're always reaching for the volume control to avoid damaging your hearing. Thanks
  2. It's 2017 and this featured not been implemented despite many users asking for it. Has it been implemented implemented in a newer version? I don't want to disabled DMV for lower quality. Thanks!
  3. I hate scrambling for the volume control on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) when a song recorded at a higher than average volume is played. Is it possible to have an auto volume leveler without having a muffling effect that some players have? Thanks.
  4. In "Shuffle All Songs" mode, I used to be able to tab of the song/album title bar and get a list of all the songs on the same album as the song currently playing. Now I get all the songs in my library. I've played around with the settings, but can't find the right one. My version is 2.0.10 build 582 (Full Version). Thanks.
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