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  1. Up to now, I didn't find one that supports M3U-Playlists. That's why I decided to buy Poweramp :-) Can you please guide me to one that supports these playlists?
  2. I was trying to install files with the name .nomedia The M3Us are not deleted any more. When looking onto the disk with Windows 7, the files are there and they work correctly. BUT Poweramp refuses to access them a second or third time. It sais, that the M3Us used before are not accessible. Btw, I'm also using Poweramp on a tablet with android 4.1.1 and the same USB media disk with no complaints at all! So, what can I do?
  3. The referenced article sais, that I should install a file with the name .nomedia in the playlist's directory. With Windows 7 it's not possible to do so. There is a message telling me to type in a file name (the part in front of the dot). So, what can I do?
  4. Hello, I am using Poweramp 2.0.10 build 582, Android 4.4.2, m3u-Playlists created with Windows XP Media Player Always when shutting down my tablet, the currently running playlist ist deleted from disk. When restarting the tablet, the playlist is missing and Poweramp can not continue to play it. If I remember it correctly I had the same behaviour somw time ago with an early version of Android 3.x.x. Thanks a lot in advance for your help and have a blessed Christmas time. Best regards Martin Adler
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