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  1. Thank you, Andre, for your prompt reply. I have tried stopping playback using the pause button before disconnection, but have found that procedure has no effect on saving the playback position. The next time connection is restored, it usually starts over at the beginning of the track regardless of whether or not I had paused playback immediately before disconnection. Out of curiosity, one time when connection was first restored, I closely watched the time counter display on the screen of the car stereo receiver (not easy for my eyes, given the miniscule size font), and saw that it momentari
  2. I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if this question has been asked previously or if I am posting it in the wrong section, but I did not find anything on this exact topic when I searched. I use PA to play music on my car stereo, using Bluetooth connection between a Galaxy S4 and the Kenwood receiver,. I have PA set so it resumes playing automatically as soon as Bluetooth connects.. For the first few months that I used it, whenever PA resumed playing shortly after I started my car, I believe it always resumed at the exact point where it left off the last time it was playing. Howeve
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