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  1. Thank you Theo for all your help. I bought your app and will give you feedback after I tried in the next few days/week. Keep smiling Stefano
  2. Hi there, I just bought the full version and I am getting to know the player. What is the best way to: 1)- create 2)- backup, 3)- store and 4)- sync my playlists. Is there a way to do it on the computer and import them? Thank you for any help! Keep smiling Stefano
  3. Whao, I just bought Poweramp without realising that I would not have been able to import my ratings from windows. It took me a very long time to rate my music and to me it is a very important issue. If the developers have been promising it for 4y and it is not here yet, it means that they were kidding and that are not serious about it. You will not get 5stars on Google pay from me.
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