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  1. I used and tested the alpa for a day....Here goes the bugs/experience... Device.... Bacon(OnePlus One) Running cm13 official nightly. 1. Crossfade doesn't seem to work when the song switches automatically. 2. Album art r messes up... Shows wrong sometimes and sometimes no album art. In the notification as well as then the song is paused. 3.I feel that audio quality is some what better. 4.Love the slide out drawer. Makes navigation easier. And a question will there be a an alpha 2. Also is material design on the cards.... Don't change the UI just the look and elements would be great. Tha
  2. I am experiencing constant FC's.... I am not a dev. Any help/suggestions would be thankful. A couple reports... New Trace collected : ===================== Poweramp Error Report, collected on: Mon Dec 21 20:36:35 GMT+05:30 2015 ============== ========================= Version: 2.0.10-build-582-play Skin: 81060001 /data/app/com.ikorolkov.Poweramp.skins.material-1.apk Device: samsung SM-N910G APQ8084 trlte trltedt armeabi-v7a armeabi Installer: null Android: 5.1.1 NamelessRom™.V5 en_GB ART Fingerprint: samsung/trltexx/trlte:5.1.1/LMY47X/N910FXXU1POK1:user/release-keys Thread: 1 main Stack :
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