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  1. How do I upload it? I see 2 files in my SD card: One that says PLB which is 19.7kb and the other is .m3u which is also 19.7 kb but under the playlist name it says 0 files.
  2. I've been doing what you said. All it does is add more playlists that I have. So now I have 4 of the same playlists with numbers in front of them. The playlists in question And my music are in the same folder.
  3. When I first switched, they were working fine. Then I noticed a few days ago my playlists vanished in Poweramp. I can see them on my SD card when using a file explore but no matter how many times I try to import they wont show up. Some do still work others dont. When I put the sd card back into my old phone, all playlists will show up. Just tried importing and all it did was readded the playlists that already are working.
  4. But for a few days it was showing fine and some playlists are showing and others arent. How would it just vanish after working fine? How can I add m3u import functionality?
  5. Yes. The card was from my old phone. I switched last week and everything was fine. A few days ago I noticed playlists missing. Yesterday as an experiment I put the sd back in my old phone and all playlists worked.
  6. Hey all. My playlists not working. I see them on my external card as M3U and PLU but no matter how many times I re scan they dont show. Ive tried this with custom roms and stock roms.
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