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  1. Once reformatted to exFAT the same problem reoccurs, and yes In fact the odd path is back again - /Storage/Public:179,68
  2. Okay so, I re-formatted the SDcard as FAT32 and now it works fine. Also, the Path name is different, no ;, and so on. I am now wondering If I could reformat it once more to EXfat and still keep it working.
  3. As far as I can see its formatted as "Generic Hierarchial", thats what It says in properties at least. I think it shows that because Im browsing it via MTP? Im going to format it to a FAT32 and see whether it works. Backing up files atm. Edit I've lost my card reader so I cant format my sd card to Fat32 at the moment. Any other ideas would be welcome?
  4. I have not? Where can i find it? @Edit I've downloaded and installed it, same bug applies.
  5. Since nothing has changed... D: I was wondering whether anyone has come across a "fix" for such bug?
  6. Looking forward to the changes being made! Hard to get used to other players. At the moment I'm messing around and trying to change my SD card virtual path. Anyway, thanks for the help (:
  7. /Storage/Public:179,68 I found this path weird myself, other players do handle it just fine though, including the original Sony player. Using JetAudio player for the time being.
  8. As above, Poweramp cant scan my SD card. It is a 64gb Lexar micro sd (which i only got today) i have a Xperia z3 compact running on 6.0. It does detect the sd card, however the problem is me not being able to select it as the music directory. When i select it and press "scan folders" it "scans" them, but when I check on whether the folders are selected they show up as unselected again. Its as if Poweramp simply cant scan them. I checked up on permissions and Poweramp has got the storage permission on my device. Other music players are handling this SD card just fine. I cleared the cache of Poweramp, reinstalled it, i formatted the sd card and anything else that I could. No result. Any ideas?
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