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  1. Same for me. It has been working previously, but since a while there is no tag info transferred to my BMW. Other music player just work fine with tag info on the BMW display. My mobile is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.This seems to be a bug in PA, but honestly i don't expect it to be fixed. Same with stutter and hick-up problems (mostly in 320kb/s files) since month. All they do is to ask you to change the output settings again and again, which is not solving anything.
  2. Same problem here with LG G3, Android 5.0, 64GB Sandisk Ultra SD Card: Can not delete files on SD Card, after the "grant access" dialog. Tried many times without success. After setting the access for the SD Card in the grant access dialog, its just not working. BUT: switched to an old 16GB SD Card, formatted inside the G3 and after the "grant access" dialog everything works. The problem is, that the 64GB SD Card is getting formatted in exFAT format, while the 16GB SD Card ist getting formatted in FAT32. The difference between working and not working is the file system. The exFAT is a modern version of the FAT file system with file system permissions (ACL) included. It seems, that Poweramp (current version 2.0.10) can not handle this. Other applications (i.e piktures) do not have this problem, so its not a general G3 problem.
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