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  1. Thanks for the answer!! I forgot to mention too that several files come out corrupted when transferred to my phone! I can't play them, a message like "file can't be played, will be skipped" pops up. Other albums don't appear at all I think (I think those are the albums that have unsorted tags) Can somebody explain this?
  2. hey guys whats up this is my first post here i hope im welcome and i hope you guys can help me somehow so im having problems with windows tag editing and with flac formats some days ago i was trying to put my albums on my moto g3 2015 and on the c laptop i was using 2 errors kept happening: i couldnt edit the tags of certain music files on windows 10, its like the changes wouldnt save, id try to write in the artist of the album but even if i saved the new changes they would disappear on other files i couldnt change any of the details and whenever i tried an error message would pop u
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