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  1. Andre, Can you point me to a "widget" skin for v3 that's skinnable? I haven't even found the basic one here to be able to modify.
  2. Ooooh it's pretty ... but ... fool me once, shame on you ... fool me twice, thee times, keep on fooling me ... well you ya know the rest! I'd love to be a part of the closed beta, but I'd also love to win the PowerBall jackpot. I think there's a better chance of the latter!
  3. I wonder if Max knows that as soon as he FINALLY release a beta build, all the Android fan sites (Android Central, Android Police, Android Authority, etc. will be all over it! With Poweramp having such a reputation among android users, this would be BIG news! He could create even more buzz by uploading the beta to Google Play's beta channel! Everyone who downloads and uses beta apps (and alpha releases even more so), knows what they're getting into. At that point, complaints and criticisms rather than constructive feedback should be ignored. I can appreciate striving for perfection but ignoring such a valuable resource he has here with a small group of devoted users giving impressions and feedback isn't a wise move. Not to mention a larger pool of people to identify issues provides more "eyes on the target" than him going it alone. I come here at least once a week, not anymore with anticipation but rather the sinking feeling that there will be no good news. We've gone from hoping for an actual release, to hoping and praying for a mere routine update. I know that Max doesn't come here, much less actually post, but I hope my sentiments and ideas get to him somehow and he releases whatever ALPHA build he has here. For those with phones that have issues with the release, they will have to revert back to the latest that works. However, as I understand from previous posts, one of the primary issues for not doing that is due to the lack of compatibility with certain phones. I have believe that there have to be SOME users here with phones that it would work on. If it comes to that, those select few can start using the app and giving feedback.I come here often and and just read the comments, I'm tired of spectating and wanted to weigh in. Consider this my "two cents" ...
  4. @Brainscollector, I'm simply blown away by your design!! Something like this would virtually eliminate the need or "want" for themes. It's beautiful!! GREAT WORK! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that style takes a front seat from following the forums, so we may never see this in real life. Still it's nice to see what someone with talent & imagination can do!
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